Mysterious Gems of June

Those with June birthdays are lucky to have three very colorful and playful gemstones from which to choose. Two are ancient and one while a far newer find is by far the rarest of the three.

Ruby: The July Birthstone for Health, Wealth and Love

One of the most popular gemstones throughout history, the ruby is durable and dense – the only natural gemstone harder is the diamond. This beautiful red gem is the July birthstone and makes a great gift that can be worn regularly. Many ancient cultures were fascinated with rubies, believing they held power over life. Called […]


Derived from the Latin word granatum because of their pomegranate seed shape and color, garnets are seen in a wide range of colors and varieties. The stone has ornamental, spiritual and industrial uses. The mineral is praised for flushing out toxins and cleansing the body, and it’s also believed to clear the mind of stress. […]


Amethyst derives from the Greek word amethustos, or “without drunkenness.” The stone symbolizes sobriety, humility, and healing. The color of the crystal varies from light red to deep purple, and it is found in a striking variety of formations and sizes. Greeks and Romans decorated their goblets with the stone to prevent excessive drunkenness. According […]