The 411 on Lab-grown Diamond Studs

It all starts with a natural diamond seed Diamond studs are a must-have for a lot of women. Sometimes though, the size of stud you want is different than what you want to spend. In this situation, I highly recommend lab-grown diamonds. It’s a great way to get the size you want at a price […]

Mysterious Gems of June

Those with June birthdays are lucky to have three very colorful and playful gemstones from which to choose. Two are ancient and one while a far newer find is by far the rarest of the three.

Always Appropriate – June Birthstone: Pearls

“A women needs ropes and ropes of pearls” – Coco Chanel A woman after our own hearts, Coco Chanel loved her pearls. As did Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and Lady Sarah Churchill. Pearls epitomize grace and classic beauty. June’s modern birthstone has a lustrous shine with hints of silver, gray, and pink hues that changes […]

Ruby: The July Birthstone for Health, Wealth and Love

One of the most popular gemstones throughout history, the ruby is durable and dense – the only natural gemstone harder is the diamond. This beautiful red gem is the July birthstone and makes a great gift that can be worn regularly. Many ancient cultures were fascinated with rubies, believing they held power over life. Called […]