Dive into Blue Aquamarine: The Latest Must-Have Gemstone

THE GIST: My favorite thing about aquamarine is it comes in large eye-clean stones. Their color ranges from light blue to deep teal and comes from the mineral beryl. This fairly-durable gemstone also forms green emeralds and pink morganites. Aquamarines are known for calming and soothing properties. It helps with communication, courage, and clarity of […]

Gems of Fire: Corundum aka Sapphires + Rubies

THE GIST: This stunning gemstone instantly makes me feel more luxurious. Corundum comes in more colors than any other natural gemstone. Plus, it’s one of the most durable natural gemstones after a diamond. For this and many other reasons, choosing corundum is always an excellent choice.  Sapphires +Rubies: Stars of the Earth Corundum comes in […]

Fancy + Fabulous + Fetching: Color Stone Engagement Rings

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a colorless diamond ring. But some girls want a center stone that more colorfully reflects their unique style and personality. While diamonds come in many fabulous colors, the exact hue and size you may want might be out of budget. Other color gemstones can be striking […]


Amethyst is one of the prettiest gemstones on the planet; famous for it’s vibrant shades of purple that captures everyone’s attention. The color of the February birthstone is a deep and rich shade of purple that represented royalty and power back in the days of ancient kings and queens.