A Timeless Essential:  Bezel Solitaire Pendant

A diamond solitaire pendant is a fashion staple for every woman. It’s an effortlessly chic and versatile necklace that goes with every outfit. It’s also the perfect gift every time ~ it’s always a winner. I’m a huge fan of our bezel solitaire necklaces. It’s a timeless essential that is a welcome addition to any layer of necklaces.   The 411 on the Bezel Setting A bezel setting is a traditional setting style with a very […]


Whoever said money can’t buy happiness was wrong…because I’m in love with all things jewelry and luxury. It definitely makes me happy! It isn’t always the cheapest thing you can buy but nothing good should be cheap.  So, you’re looking down at your wrist or staring at yourself in the mirror wondering what else can I […]


The bloodstone is a dark green, jasper-like mineral with red or brown drops on the surface. It has been thought to have special powers throughout the ages. The ancient Greeks called it heliotrope or Sun Stone, and they believed it transformed the sun when it was immersed in water. The red splotches on its surface […]