Lucky girls born in April have diamonds as their birthstone. Believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth is one of those lucky girls. Now, while not everyone born in April has their own crowned jewels – every girl kind of feels like a queen when showered with diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor may not have been a royal […]


All of us know the struggle that comes with desperately trying to deleting old pictures and unwanted text messages from our phone just so we can download that song we keep hearing on the radio. We are constantly fighting with ourselves over what on our phone is worth keeping.

Why Do Diamonds Have Color?

When we think of diamonds, we often think of the sparkly bright white transparent diamonds adorning divas like Marilyn Monroe. But did you know that colored diamonds also exist? They are so rare that only 1 in 10,000 diamonds is a colored diamond. What makes one diamond have color and another to be colorless? The […]

Big Diamonds Create Big Discovery for Science

Although diamonds were discovered centuries ago, (thank goodness!) scientists are often looking to access diamonds that are bigger and better.