The 411 on Lab-grown Diamond Studs

It all starts with a natural diamond seed Diamond studs are a must-have for a lot of women. Sometimes though, the size of stud you want is different than what you want to spend. In this situation, I highly recommend lab-grown diamonds. It’s a great way to get the size you want at a price […]

What’s Your Fancy?

The most important advice I can give when choosing a center stone is that you have to see it on your own finger. Too many times to count, I’ve watched someone fall in love with a completely different shape than they thought they wanted when walking into my studio. I enjoy guessing which shape a […]

Diamond Showers

Lucky girls born in April have diamonds as their birthstone. Believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth is one of those lucky girls. Now, while not everyone born in April has their own crowned jewels – every girl kind of feels like a queen when showered with diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor may not have been a royal […]


All of us know the struggle that comes with desperately trying to deleting old pictures and unwanted text messages from our phone just so we can download that song we keep hearing on the radio. We are constantly fighting with ourselves over what on our phone is worth keeping.